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Transportation  meeting

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April 15, 2021



9:30 am - Call to Order:  Sue Polk

Directors Present:  Joe Proksch

Staff Present: Tammy Stringham, Kathleen Brown,


Next Meeting –

            Executive Board Meeting: Thursday, May 20, 2021   9:30 am

            3rd Thursday of each month w/ Finance Committee meeting the week before         


1 - Agenda: Additions or Deletions: Fixed Route Discussion

2- Approval / Amendment of Consent Agenda:

3 - Officers Reports: Financials: Joe gave the financial report. Income is always behind expenses because reimbursements take time.  There are no concerns.


Transportation Update: Joe gave the Ride Report.

In March there were 514 rides total. 123 Gen. Public, 0 GPWC, 21 students, 182 disabled, 55w/wheelchairs, 119 seniors, 8 w/wheelchair, 6 attendants, 41 CXL,1 LD.  


4– Unfinished Business: Fixed Route Discussion: Joann Wolters called ITD and was told that things have changed since she was involved and that Candy does an excellent job. The research has shown the fixed route idea is not feasible or sustainable. No further action will be taken.

5– New Business:

 a. New Door: Lemhi Ride plans to move to #124 & #125.  Construction is coming along. We are waiting on the electrician to make some changes so the door can be installed.


6 – Round Table: